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    How To Look Cool In Prom?

    How To Look Cool In Prom?-SAYKI MEN'S FASHION

    Just as spring is a seasonal transition period, graduation is a transition period from adolescence to adulthood. It is a good idea to listen to our proposals. It is not rocket science to look 'cool' in the prom; you can get through elegantly out of the colony with the right suit, shirt and shoes. However, it would be useful to keep in mind that wearing sneakers or T-shirts will not make you 'different'. The subject is fitting on your body, choosing the right colour, to get a complete look with the right accessories. The tips of this are below…

    If you are tired of black suits with black shoes and white shirts, but you still have a dress code for your prom, you can use your colour choice aside from blue or dark blue. To personalize your look - which is at the beginning of the 'cool' stance - you can choose your accessories from burgundy ones.

    If you have strict rules for dressing black, we recommend you to choose your suit and go with the models that show you the best fit and choose your accessories from the patterned ones. In this way, you can both guarantee your eligibility and get rid of monotony.

    Let's come to the ‘’Coolest’’… White suits. Yes, you heard right. You can choose white as the base colour of your combination which is the ideal colour for your prom. In this case, you should choose your complementary shirt from a few shades of dark colour, and accessories such as ties and shoes in black or navy blue.

    For graduates who want to get a more free look, our recommendation is to create their own suits. While the main part of your combination is a patterned jacket designed with tailoring mastery, you can get an impressive look with grey trousers and stylish black shoes.

    For events that will leave a mark on your memories, such as a prom, all you have to do is create a timeless style with impressive pieces. In order for graduation to look 'cool' in your prom, you should move it in such a way that you do not break down the rules of the dress code but expand your boundaries by giving them your own interpretation. Anyone can imagine wearing a sneaker under a suit; you should be the one who will make this combination and personalize it with a fun tie-in pin or scissor-like necktie or a thin shawl that you will lightly shine from the side of your jacket.

    Three Piece Suits: A Guide To Creating Your Own Style

    Three Piece Suits: A Guide To Creating Your Own Style-SAYKI MEN'S FASHION

    Three Piece Suit: A guide to creating your own style.

    At first, it may sound a little bit strange, just relax and be ready to make room for new ideas about your wardrobe, following the suggestions we will give you about 3 piece suits. With the right combinations, colors and cutting you can take your personal style to the next level.

    . First of all, what are these 3 piece suits? The waistcoat aka known as the vest is an extremely integral part of the success of all three-piece suits. 

    You can choose to wear a vest or you don’t match your vest’s colour with a suit for a different style. If you know which one is looking good on you, let me state that both are very rational choices. If you are new to these 3 parts business, you can choose the easy way at first and you can guarantee your fit. Perhaps the best part of the 3-piece suit is that, contrary to its reputation, modern designs and cuts never make you look like a Victorian landlord. There are some basic rules you should know when wearing a 3 piece suit; leave the last button on your jacket open, tie all buttons of your shirt, make sure your jacket and trousers are well seated in your body, do not let the shirt cuffs pour into your hand, make sure that your belt is your shoe and your vest is finished with your pants belt.

    Let's see where you can wear the 3 piece suits, how you can wear them;

    Weddings are probably the best opportunity for you to wear 3 piece suits. Nobody 'criticizes' you for being so stylish. You can even choose from more brilliant models designed with a tweed fabric or plaid. You can make your appearance more interesting with details like pocket handkerchiefs.

    If you are at work, it's a good idea to keep the threads tight. You can sign a classical gown with 3 pieces suit that you will combine in neutral tones. We recommend that you keep your accessory usage to a minimum in the office. You can finish your combine with watch and leather case.

    If you do not like to stick with the rules and want to add your own touch to the 3 piece suits that are sold together, we recommend you to play with the colour, pattern and texture of your mantle. You can customize your jacket and trousers with a contrast and patterned vest. You can enrich the integrity you capture using different parts together with your accessories; you can get a unique interpretation of the 3 piece suit with the shirt and the right shoe to choose from. We also recommend that you look at the collection of Sayki’s 2017-2018 Autumn / Winter season.

    Guide To Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

    Guide To Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone-SAYKI MEN'S FASHION

    Just a small tip, if you want to add extra notches to your style, you should go with colors of your personal taste and, get out of your comfort zone. This is not rocket science; you can come through with just a little effort and time and, it will look as if you have been styled by an expert.

    What's the first step? Delete online quiz sites from your internet browser, which will sort you into certain algorithms. Also, cut off the guides which are imposed on you every season. Because these guides do not care about your skin tone. 

    Secondly, look at the part of your arm that is between your wrist and elbow. Before investing in the colours that will create the key element of your wardrobe, you should know whether your skin is white, wheatish or brunette.

    White / Light Skin

    Are your hair red, yellow or light brown? Do you have a freckled face? Are you looking for a place to hide from the sun during the summer months?

    If you have a white or light skin tone, you should look at the tones that produce colour by creating contrast with your look.

    Colours you can choose

    Contrasts with dark colours like deep shades of gray, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy blue and blue. 

    The colours you should avoid

    Instead of white, beige neutral tones with pale, pastel tones or vibrant colours, turning to tones like sand, camel, khaki and powdery gray makes you more vibrant.

    It would be beneficial if you turn to darker shades because the red will charge you extra electricity.

    We offer you; dark blue, brown, and black with light shades of their own. In this way, you can express both yourself and the power of the colours better. 

    Wheatish Skin 

    As you are the one blushed in summer rather than tanned, you should also go to the warmer tones in the colour palette.

    Colours you can use

    For almost all kinds of wheat tones, we can say that the best tones for you are lively or dark. What exactly does that mean, let's just explain 

    Going for light hues of natural colours, sand instead of pale beige; going for trying mauve tones, you should prefer magenta instead of mauve.

    The colours you should avoid

    You should absolutely avoid wearing colours like peanut green, mustard yellow, olive green and brown as the skin has yellow or green tones.

    If you are going to make a combination of pure white or pastel shades, you should be sure that your skin is beautifully suntan.

    Dark / Dark Skin

    Dark skin, just like wheatish skin, is also fortunate to use colour.

    Colours you can choose

    You benefit from all the blessings of the world. Because your skin colour matches many tones and colours. We still have a few excitements, of course.

    Colours you should avoid 

    Brown is at the top of the colours you need to wear because it can melt on your skin.

    Although black and navy blue men's wardrobes are the keys, be careful to keep these two pieces of colour to a minimum.

    How To Dress In Your 40's?

    How To Dress In Your 40's?-SAYKI MEN'S FASHION

    Life starts in the 40s, they say. This is a correct determination in a few ways because the 40s are the ages when you truly create your own self and your personal style. You also know how to turn it into an investment because you have the power to make money at the same time.

    Here are the style rules for the 40's!

    Don’t retire early.

    If you have confidence in yourself, you can wear anything you want. Still, you know the cut and the style that is right for your body during the 40s. You might consider investing in different fabrics and tricoloured and jackets on the fabric. 

    Stand Out

    Staying in the safe zone and going to work can be a bit different in this period, rather than wearing your suitcases in which you feel good and stylish. You can also reflect the comfort that your self-confidence gives you through your suit styles. You can get support from your tricolour or dominant collar shirts instead of being limited to only the shredded parts when you combine your suit. 

    Get an Out-Of-Office Style

    You should know that you do not have to dress like 'father' on the days when you are not working. You can also invest in cuts designed with tailor mastery, such as a blazer, chino or denim trousers.

    For example; you can make a combination of suede bombers, sweatshirts and sneakers in this weekend.

    Don’t Skip Over Details

    It is time to make up with the accessories, even to get yourself a signature accessory. We recommend that you invest in a piece that will add colour, design and touch of small texture to your combines, such as knitted ties or patterned silk scarves. The last touch is leather gloves, a sturdy suitcase and of course a quality watch.

    Be Careful About Sportswear

    Though we do not think it's strict rules for the 40s when it comes to sportswear, stay away from youthful designs like the hooded sweatshirts, backpacks and baseball hats. 

    If you are investing in sportswear parts, you can use your choice of quality joggers or minimal sports shoes.

    And The Final Time!

    It is perhaps the most impressive time you started in your 20s and your suitcase closet that you updated in your 30s. You are in your 40s, invest in a suit that will do the talking for you. 

    Today, when the designs of knitwear parts are turned into a desire object, your wardrobe should definitely contain a quality woolen, untouched tricolor.

    Get a good suitcase for your business trips, short vacations and gym appointments.

    Don’t forget the people like David Beckham, Pep Guardiola, Patrick Grant, and Ryan Reynolds in their 40’s. They are great examples.



    Cleaning For Your Wardrobe!

    Cleaning For Your Wardrobe!-SAYKI MEN'S FASHION

    Congratulations, you have overcome the winter! If you have forgotten what it feels like to dress in layers, take a deep breath because now it's time to lighten up. It’s time for a closet refresh – we all need to make some space.

    The task of sorting out the excess in your wardrobe is only for you and do not take it out of your mind. We do not accept answers like "I'll do it later..." or "Maybe I will wear it later..." Yes, if you’ve rolled up your sleeves, we line up the steps of an effective wardrobe cleaning.

    1. Turn Up the Volume

    Because a spring cleaning without music can turn into an extremely boring activity. Do not torture yourself with vain songs, use upbeat music.

    2. Storage Wars

    If you do not plan to travel to the poles in the near future, you will not need those heavy sweaters for May. Place your woolen sweaters, heavy coats, boots and woolen accessories in the upper partitions of your wardrobe

    3. Philanthropy Begins at Home

    No matter how smart you are, when you shop, sometimes you might notice that when you get home, you actually buy things you will never wear. Let others wear these pieces.

    Be merciless when you separate your clothes; if you have invested in pieces that are a single season in life, devote them to give to others as time goes on. If you have not worn a shirt with a marble patterned upright collar on it, you can be sure that you will not wear it in the future either.

    4. Organize Your Business Attire

    Festivals are in the air, but never lose your tie with your suits. Look over your jackets and trousers; if it needs, give them to dry-clean or tailor. Hang the rest - preferably high-quality wooden hangers. Store the winter ones in their clothing cases.

    5. Details

    Do not forget that accessories, which are completers to your combos, need spring cleaning as well. Your metal watch that you did not remove from your pocket and the bracelet you wore with it may also need some rest.

    6.Let Spring Begin With Your Shoes!

    Choosing the right shoes for the spring is a tough challenge. Put away your winter shoes, it’s sneakers time. Of course, do not forget to clean and repair the rafts during this substitution. If you are not so excited about seeing some of your summer shoes that you hid by saying "I will wear you someday, maybe..." do not hesitate to give them away.  

    7. Do Not Give Up The Classics

    There is no rule that you will adopt every trend that changes with the season; even if you have created your own style, there is no need for such an effort. As you are, do not give up the basic pieces of your wardrobe. If you find that there are pieces of deformity in your wardrobe when you go from winter to summer, it is a good idea to replace them with new ones. Nothing captures the position of a suit or a gray cotton sweatshirt designed with tailoring mastery.