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    Oliver Trevena & SAYKI MEN'S FASHION


    Oliver Trevena is best-known for his acting & for regularly hosting the hugely popular celebrity chat show, Young Hollywood is our new brand ambassador now! He is a talented actor, great producer and a fashion icon with the design of Saykı!

    It's easy to be cool in Saykı design with choices of Oliver Trevena. If you want to get Oliver's Saykı style, you can find all products on Be the star of this summer with Sayki! 

    Create Your Festival Style!

    Create Your Festival Style!-SAYKI MEN'S FASHION

    Coordinating your clothes for a music festival isn't exactly rocket science.  Pack smart, look amazing and have the time of your life this summer. 

    Why Does Festival Style Matter

    Men have come to see festivals as a place to experiment with their looks, have some fun. To help you on your way and ensure you spend more time catching up on your favourite bands’ back catalogues and less time worrying about what’s on your back, here’s our advice on what to wear to a festival this summer.

    Get Yourself A Waterproof Hoodie!

    A raincoat will be a life-saver in a festival. Some solid outerwear will shield you (and your outfits) from potential downpours, be that rain or the spilt beer from the guy on his mate’s shoulders.

    If It's Summertime, Go T-Shirts!

    If your festival falls in summer as most do, you won’t want to wear much when standing outside all day in the scorching heat. So you may prefer shirts cut from lightweight cotton. Bold colours and jazzy prints are more than welcome at a festival.

    Don’t Store Valuables In Your Tent

    Your tent is not a good idea to leave valuables. Backpacks are a good option to keep everything valuable with you. If you don't want to swerve your style, you can prefer leather backpacks. 

    Wedding Season is here! What should you wear?

    Wedding Season is here! What should you wear?-SAYKI MEN'S FASHION

    The sun is shining, and the summer air is all around us. It’s the beginning of wedding season! So what should you wear? 


    The key pieces to a distinct eveningwear look are all among the Spring/Summer 2018 SAYKI collection this year. Whether you prefer the classic black or choose the bolder look of blue tones, there’s something for everyone in the SAYKI eveningwear collection. The trend colors of the season are once again burgundy, beige and gray for those who want a completely personalized look unlike any other.


    Lighter colored tuxedos have taken over in men’s eveningwear. While classics in black and navy also still roam the evening engagements, blue tones, burgundy, beige and gray continue to make way for themselves. Jackets and shirts feature simpler cuts this year with minimalistic details taking reign in cuff links and bow ties as well.


    If you prefer the elegance of the classic black, dress up your jacquard tuxedo style with a shirt featuring a single black pinstripe on the front and these elegant cufflinks. 



    While groomsmen are the support system for the groom in any traditional wedding today, they don’t always have to dress the same. They can all express their individual style in a coordinated look that features differentiating details.

    The number of groomsmen in today’s wedding keeps increasing every year. From best friends to family members, groomsmen are always ready to assist while preparing for and on the day of the wedding. More o en, they are dressed in a pre-chosen and styled tuxedo to set them apart from the rest of the wedding guests. Then again, this doesn’t mean a groomsman can’t personalize his look and express his own style sensibility.


    1. The groom can pick a color or color palette and ask his groomsmen to choose their own tuxedos but only from that particular color scheme. For example, if the groom is wearing a white tuxedo, he can ask the groomsman to pick from the classic black and navy choices from the same style tuxedo as his.
    2. Once a groom knows he wants to wear a  tuxedo in color, he can ask his groomsman to choose from the same color family but in different tones. When the groom chooses a dark gray tuxedo, his groomsmen can choose styles in different shades of gray.
    3. Another idea is to stay in the same color but change the style of tuxedo groomsmen wear. Groom chooses the color of course.
    4. The groomsmen tuxedos can be the same if the boutonniere choices can be individualized and inspired by seasonal themes like seashells or feathers. 

    5. Who says you can’t wear sneakers with a tuxedo! A groom can encourage his groomsmen to change up their style with white only or black only sneakers that reflect their personal choices.

    What's Trending This Season?

    What's Trending This Season?-SAYKI MEN'S FASHION

    Summer is almost here! So what's trending this season? Less is more this season with menswear and, the trend is widely celebrated with non-traditional designs in unique ways. Natural fibers, smaller figures in print designs, overdyed backgrounds come together in sharp cuts and oversized fits. Let's take a look;

    • Summer Shirts

    One of the most utilized items in your wardrobe during the summer months is the t-shirt. Of course, dressing with a casual top doesn't always have to mean an athletic or too-relaxed t-shirt. Try pairing polo shirts with your jackets this summer. If you choose to go collarless, that's OK too. This is also the year to experiment with color and print, so be sure to experiment.

    • Suits in Color

    If you've ever wanted to venture out of the traditional black, navy and gray color palette of your suit, not is the time. You can even find tuxedos in a variety of summer colors this season. Some of our favorites are off-white, light gray and pastel blue.

    • Vertical Stripes
    Stripes come in all different shapes, sizes and styles this season. Summer styles definitively bring wide vertical stripes into men's fashion. The safest bet is to pair these stripes with solid wardrobe staples. If you're feeling bold, you can definitely take a stab at combining two different kinds of stripes in a single outfit.



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